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Friday, September 08, 2006

Think of it as a business!

Actually the first thought - having a business plan, remember? - assumes this one, but still I find, that this is a very common misconception. You have to consider your online business - blog, adsense site, internet marketing trick, whatever - as a business. I mean, a real one.

I find that people still tend to believe, that business is what takes place offline, and things on the internet - although allegedly they have the ability of making money - are something completely different. A trick, some geeky stuff, or simply a miracle. I have to tell you, that it's not.

Business on the internet is simply business. Only run by different techniques than that you are familiar with in the offline world.

Tools are different, but the rules are the same.

Don't let the "magic spells" misguide you. Most internet marketers love to use words like AdSense, SEO, conversion or ROI. But considering the bigger pictur,e these don't make any difference. The rules are as usual as a business can be.

Here are some of the basic rules that make online business not more, than a business:

  • You have to sell to make money. Money won't grow on trees, even if you consider virtual trees. You have to have somebody spend money if you want to make some. Of course tools may differ, and selling doesn't only mean selling products. But it won't change the rules at all.

  • You have to work hard to succeed. This is the most common misconception in connection with the internet. When talking about online business, most people think about lazy geeks, who are filthy rich and spend their whole day in front of a monitor, mostly killing zombies with their PlayStation 2. However in reality no one will succeed without hard work.

  • The harder you work, the more you will earn. Now this one is tricky. Mostly because it is false in the offline world as well. To be precise, it can be true and it can be false as well. Because working hard is not the point. Or not the only point.  Your hard work has to meet several other parameters. Think about the quality of your work, your idea, your skills. And your attitude. It's your mind that really counts.

And that's why you have to come back next week and read more of Money Making Mind.

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